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Used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies, SharePoint comprises a multi-purpose set of different technologies tightly integrated within Office 365 and other Microsoft tools. Available as both SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server, it’s a versatile enterprise platform designed with security in mind.  

Our consultants and developers have relied on SharePoint when delivering custom enterprise-grade applications, such as intranets, ECMs, DMS (document management systems) or business process automations. Fully integrated with our clients’ existing IT architecture, our SharePoint solutions reflect even the most complex business logic.  

Why entrust your SharePoint project to our developers:

  • Our proven knowledge of SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server products due to multi-year Gold Microsoft Partnership in Content & Collaboration and Silver in Application Development. 
  • Our capability to devise high-performance architecture and manage the full SharePoint development process, from a PoC to product release, maintenance and further system optimisation.  
  • Our analytical approach to SharePoint development, with a focus on business logic creation and business process automation.  
  • Expertise in designing and streamlining SharePoint business workflows due to our  partnership with Nintex. 
  • Our proven track record of optimising DMS and ECM solutions with OCR and data capture tools.   
  • We are available as both a Remote SharePoint Development Team and SharePoint Development service.  


So far we’ve chosen SharePoint when we aimed at:

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    Cloud and On-prem Intranets

    Even the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint let you create a powerful Intranet. Well-configured, it can be a one-stop-shop for all document management, forms, directories or collaboration needs. Our team specialises in the delivery of custom enterprise-level SharePoint intranets, both as cloud and on-prem solutions. Apart from deploying the Office 365 tools, we have also added third-party SharePoint extensions and created bespoke modules from scratch. Our SharePoint intranets are usually integrated with key internal and external systems from all key vendors, incl. SAP, Microsoft or Oracle. 

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    Designing workflows with complex business logic

    With workflows, such as Approval, Collect Feedback or Three-State, SharePoint enables the automation of a variety of business processes. When creating more advanced workflows, our team has extensively relied on the Nintex Workflow platform. We’ve used it to map and model business logic for industries, such as banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive and transportation. Using hundreds of predefined Nintex actions, we’ve designed and streamlined complex business workflows.    

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    Custom ECM Systems

    SharePoint is the perfect tool for storing, organising and retrieving business critical documents.  While its out-of-the-box version is quite robust for a basic ECM system, it may still lack the “best of class” features needed to get the desired level of manageability or user experience. As such, SharePoint requires the purchase of third-party add-ons and there is a huge number of MS enhancements to choose from. We’re also well-versed in developing custom SharePoint modules and add-ons to further adjust the solution to the requirements of our client’s business.  

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Piotr Wrzalik
Piotr Wrzalik

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