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Primarily used for SharePoint and Office 365, Nintex is an advanced workflow and process automation tool. Intuitive and robust, it enables the digitalisation of various processes that leverage ECM, DMS and other enterprise systems.  

As one of the few certified Nintex partners in Poland, our team has helped several businesses to increase the productivity of their processes. Our workflow solutions support clients in a wide range of sectors, such as banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive, retail and publishing.  

Why entrust your next project to our Nintex specialists:

  • Our great knowledge of core products (Workflow, Forms, Process Intelligence) and licensing models due to Nintex Partnership. 
  • Our access to senior business analysts and Nintex Workflow consultants who are able to quickly understand and transform client’s processes. 
  • Our extensive experience of embedding complex workflows into high-impact enterprise applications built with SharePoint and other MS tools.  
  • Our analytical and systematic approach to all aspect of workflow design: data modelling, business process reengineering and workflow optimisation.  
  • Available both as a part of your Remote Development Team and as SharePoint Development services.  

So far we’ve chosen Nintex when we aimed at:

  • 1

    Enhanced application efficiency

    Workflow automation is the best solution to lost time and inefficient business processes. We rely on Nintex Advanced Workflow when implementing our clients’ processes to ensure that our applications maximises the ROI.

  • 2

    Quick workflow implementation

    Intuitive and robust, Nintex platform comes with drag-and-drop design tools that significantly reduce the implementation time from months to days. We normally split complex processes into smaller chunks to streamline the delivery and to make the end result more manageable for the users.

  • 3

    Business Process Intelligence

    Nintex Process Intelligence collects and analyses data from all the workflows within a given organisation, incl. SharePoint 2013 or Office 365. It is used to visualise the overall effectiveness of processes, as well as identify and solve workflow bottlenecks.  

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Piotr Wrzalik
Piotr Wrzalik

Managing Partner

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